In addition to my work in game design, I’m also a published writer and enjoy contributing to the growing body of work regarding game development, design, and the industry in general. Someday I’d also like to write a book.

Below are links to articles I’ve written.



Sharing the Design
One of the challenges of being a new game designer is learning how to share the theoretical ideas and notions that make up a game project. In a feature article written for GameCareerGuide.com, Brandon Van Slyke, a designer at Vicarious Visions, explains to entry-level game designers why sharing is good — and how to do it.

Iterative Design
Experienced game designers throw around the word ‘iterate’ like it’s an old football, but students and industry newcomers might not know what a heavily loaded word it can be, so Vicarious Visions designer Brandon Van Slyke demystifies the word in this GameCareerGuide.com feature.

How a Game Gets Made
Written for the 2008 Game Developer Magazine: Game Career Guide, Vicarious Visions game designer Brandon Van Slyke guides readers through the journey games take from concept to store shelves.



I’m also the editor-in-chief of local game development community site nycgameindustry.com. I sometimes write for the site and also manage a staff of editors who provide coverage of local events, news, and other information pertinent to developers in the city.


Public Speaking:

I’ve had the opportunity to be a guest speaker and panelist at the following industry events.
- New York Games Conference
- New York Comic Con
- IGDA NYC Events
- Austin GDC
- PAX East
- Vancouver Game Design Expo