Spring Break: Cancun Goes Wild

in Game Design


My Role: Game Designer
Platform(s): Mobile
Studio: Gameloft
Publisher: Gameloft
Released: March 2007
International Title: Ibiza Beach Party

Game Overview:
Live it up on a sandy beach all day and rage in a club all night. Spring Break: Cancun Goes Wild takes you to the most extreme party of the year. Join the hot fun through 37 mad mini-games, including cocktail mixing, crowd surfing, tug of war and cliff-diving. Throw caution to the wind and go wild at the most popular Spring Break destination in the world. This tropical fiesta is just getting started!

• Wrote and maintained detailed design documentation on over 40 mini-games
• Adhered to strict platform constraints while incorporating innovative game mechanics
• Defined progression and worked with engineering to create prototypes
• Collaborated with satellite team members in France and China
• Shared responsibility for project goals, milestones, and multi-platform testing

Additional Notes:
As one of the first professional projects in my career this game challenged me to consider the limitations of a given platform and create a fun experience despite the imposed constraints. I acted as a Lead Designer and, working with feedback by the company’s Creative Director, designed and documented over 40 mini-games based around the target theme.

After a short pre-production phase, I worked closely with an engineer and a sprite artist to quickly prototype game mechanics and tune gameplay. Once viable mini-games had been developed I tuned their difficulty to accommodate multiple instances and determined initial progression.

Part way through development we were joined by additional team members working from satellite offices in France and China. Much of our communication was conducted via email and instant messenger and we collaborated throughout the rest of development.

Spring Break is heavily influenced by the Wario Ware line of titles by Nintendo and was launched globally on handsets for the Sprint Network in early 2007.


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