Additional Game Design Work

in Game Development

Below is a collection of additional game design and development related work I’ve done over the years. It includes unreleased games, student projects, and smaller titles that I’ve had a hand in creating.


Game Development/Design:


Game Title: Sentient
My Role: Creative Director
Platform(s): XBLA, PSN, PC
Developed in: Vision Engine
Released: Unreleased



Game Title: Vampire Diaries: Get Sucked In
My Role: Contract Designer
Platform(s): Facebook
Developed in: Flash
Studio: Arkadium
Released: 2011

Additional Notes:
Vampire Diaries: Get Sucked In was developed at Arkadium in New York City. I was contracted by them for 2 months to help get this game streamlined and ready for launch. It had been in development for a while but lacked clear direction. My job coming in was to work alongside another contract designer to implement data and create in-game puzzle scenarios, help define overall progression, identify viable monetization opportunities, and manage difficulty balancing in conjunction with their overseas development team before the games release. Unfortunately the game is no longer supported or able to be played. I’ve provided a link to the game’s remaining Facebook page below.

Vampire Diaries – Facebook


Game Title: Tetrivino
My Role: Lead Game Designer
Platform(s): PC, Web, Mobile
Developed in: Unity
Studio: Team Placebo & Phantastical Games
Released: Unreleased

Additional Notes:
Tetrivino was a hobby project I worked on over the summer of 2010 with a small group of remote developers. The project acted as a proof-of-concept to test our compatibility as a team, and to decide whether we should form a professional studio. The mechanics are very similar to the bubble popping game in Nintendo’s Wii Play. You must rotate the Tetris shapes and align them with the matching outline on the incoming enemy viruses in order to destroy them before they reach the cell nucleus located in the center of the screen. The speed and quantity of enemies increases as the game progresses. The goal of the game is to get the highest sore.


Game Title: Dance 2 DC
My Role: Contract Designer
Platforms: Web
Studio: Shift Control Media
Client: Barely Political
Released: 2008

Game Overview:
Dance 2 DC is an online rhythm-based casual game that provides a humorous and addictive take on the American political process.

Additional Notes:
In 2007 I was contracted by Shift Control Media to help them oversee development on a series of web games for Yahoo. While there I was also tasked with conceptualizing a viable political game idea to pitch to a newly acquired client.

That game turned out to be Dance 2 DC and was developed for to help increase viral traffic to their website and sustain the retention rate of visitors. The project, which leveraged familiar mechanics found in other titles like Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution, was released during the height of the ’08 presidential election primaries. (NOTE: The game’s development was outsourced and I was not present during the actual production of this title.)



Game Title: Climb!
My Role: Game Designer, Programmer, Artist
Platform(s): Web
Developed in: Flash MX 2004
Studio: It was a student project
Released: Unreleased

Additional Notes:
Climb was created as my final graduation project at Vancouver Film School and was developed in Flash MX 2004 over the course of 10 weeks. In addition to game design and scripting, I also created all the artwork, animations, and UI elements. It was a great learning experience and allowed me an opportunity to test my skills as a developer by challenging me to create a small game completely on my own.



Voice Work:


Game Title: Blackwell Unbound
My Role: Voice Actor
Platform(s): PC
Developed in: Adventure Game Studio
Studio: Wadjet Eye Games
Released: 2007

Additional Notes:
My introduction into the glamorous world of voice over! I was asked to provide a couple lines of dialog for my friend Dave’s Blackwell Unbound; a follow up to his company’s successful Blackwell Legacy adventure game series.