Fashion Solitaire

in Game Design, Production


My Role: Game Designer/Producer
Platform(s): PC
Studio: Large Animal Games
Publisher: Lifetime
Released: August 2008

Game Overview:
Fashion Solitaire is a unique fusion of an age-old classic with today’s hottest fashions! Use your style and taste to match garments with models, put together trendy outfits, and create signature collections in eight fabulous looks.

• Wrote design specs and managed agile development process
• Brainstormed and developed initial prototype (paper and digital)
• Researched theme and iterated on game mechanics in order to appeal to target demographic
• Liaison between development and product owners including Lifetime Television

Additional Notes:
During the development of Fashion Solitaire I performed the role of both designer and producer. The idea to create a game based around fashion was popular at Large Animal and I was tasked with developing and iterating on the game’s unique play mechanics.

One of the many design challenges was adapting the rigid rule structure of Solitaire to result in a more creative and fashion design oriented way. A number of paper and digital prototypes were developed until we hit upon the mechanics featured in the game.

Additionally, I was responsible for categorization and input of game related data and created spreadsheets and an indexing system to track assets. A lot of research was also done on various fashions and the fashion industry in order to maximize our game’s appeal to our target demographic.

As a producer I researched and integrated the agile production methodology across the team and into the project’s development pipeline. I also acted as a liaison between the development team and the producers at Lifetime.


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